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15 DIY Business Card Designs You Should Try Now

DIY Business Card

Developing your brand begins with carefully selecting and designing your DIY business cards. When a potential customer sees your business card, they will receive their initial impression of you and your services. Keeping a professional image is essential, but you also need to stand out. This is a good time to learn some basic DIY business cards and creating techniques!

Look out for the following 15 DIY business card designs, they would make you want to start your own company simply to get your hands on them!

DIY Business Cards Made Out Of Cross-Stitching

Whether or not the company you are advertising involves cross-stitching, it adds a special touch to your DIY Business Cards! Timeless, Classic, or even vintage looks can be achieved by using a vintage-inspired color palette. Just like Modern Views, and Vintage Muse did, you may hand sew a little design onto a mesh back after printing your information.

DIY Business Cards With A Fabric Back

Candi Mandi shows you how to put printed cardboard cards on a fabric backing. In addition to reinforcing your DIY Business Card, stitching a stunning fabric to the reverse adds a welcoming, rather than unprofessionally casual, feel to it.

DIY Business Cards With A Gilded Finish

Whether you are searching for something a little more polished but still DIY, Camille Styles’ gilded design is the answer. You can’t go wrong with this DIY business card’s shiny gold back and gold edge, while the white front with your beautifully printed content remains simple.

DIY Business Cards Come With Confetti Envelopes

If so, what is your occupation? Your business card has to stand out, and these confetti-filled envelopes from Hey Look are the ideal solution. Fill the envelope with glitter and attach it to a nice paper flower or string like a gift.

DIY Business Card With A Carnival Ticket

For a major event, are you searching for something fast, easy, and eye-catching? Bring a roll of multicolored carnival tickets that are your business card to join in on the good times!

DIY Business Cards With Neon-Colored Accents

If you are looking for eye-catching cards, bright colors are the way to go! Take a look at how Popeyetalk made these using printed cards and wax thread.

DIY Glitter Vial Business Cards

Are you in the celebration or home service business? Try this charming design that gives each potential customer a vial of glitter that they could use any way they desire, but that is stoppered so that it doesn’t go all on them!

Made Using Watercolour Paint

Colorful cards could be created with watercolor paper and paints. Each card should have your brand, name, and contact info printed or stamped on it. You could also be creative with the colors you choose on each card. The goal is to keep it basic while still allowing your content to stand out. Make sure to check out And We Play to see how they did it!

Embroidered Logos

Cut even rectangles from a piece of smooth, sturdy cardboard. Then, using your sewing machine, embroider a few clean lines of colored and patterned stitching around the bottom to finish it off.

Washi Tape And Paperclip

It is a terrific concept from Design Improvised to make simple, handcrafted cards that show off your love of producing things in a DIY approach. Create a charming color & pattern combination on the bottom of each printed card using color paper clips and colorful washi tape.

Business Cards With DIY

Those hand-dyed business cards are very lovely. Especially if you are a visual artist, they are an excellent opportunity to show off your attention to detail and inventiveness. 

DIY Business Cards That Have Been Coated With Lamination

In this video, Lizette teaches you how to produce basic business cards that look like they are floating in translucent plastic. Using basic color polka dots around the text will draw the attention of potential clients!

When it comes to creating antique business cards, shipping tags are a simple and easy way to get a retro look. This is particularly true if you stamp your info and design using both brown and black ink.

Tiny Notepad

Prospective clients like it when they receive a business card that contains more than simply your contact information. Visit Oh Hello Friend to see how they created these cards that act as a notepad for keeping track of to-do lists.

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